one click interface

28 May 2019

One-click interface

Cardream3 features a revolutionary one-click interface, aimed at making card designing as immediate as possible. Do you like wasting your time with new software? Buy something else! Do you like reading user manuals? Buy something else! Do...

28 May 2019

Fantastic print quality

You can also manually modify almost any image parameter to your needs or taste: brightness, contrast, sharpness, gamma, blur, dominant colour, etc...

28 May 2019


The currently available encoding features are the following: Magnetic card encoding with Evolis printers Magnetic card encoding with Nisca printers Mifare standard encoding with Evolis printers (ACG Mifare encoder, Pro-Active Crazy Writer...

28 May 2019

Barcode size wizard

Don’t print barcodes that can’t be read! Cardream3 includes a barcode size wizard. Create your barcode object and enter the corresponding data. Move it and adjust its size on the card. If you apply a size that is too small, making the...

28 May 2019

Instant Photo Feature

Select IPF A rectangle is shown on the card so you can see where the photo will be placed. You can move the rectangle or change its dimensions as you like, so that the photos will be printed on the cards with the size you want and exactly...