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20. Cardream3 versions

Saturday 17 October 2009, by Webmaster

Cardream3 is available in the following versions.

Cardream3 Basic

The Basic version allows the following:
- Create as many card designs as you need.
- Insert any text and photo objects.
- Insert barcodes.
- Take a Webcam photo, save it on your hard drive and import it on to the design.
- Use keyboard typed inputs at the moment of printing.
- Use the Instant Graphics function.
- Encode magnetic stripes (for the moment available with Evolis printers)
- And much more...

Cardream3 Expert

- Adds connection to MS Excel datasheets

Cardream3 Photo Edition

- Adds Instant Webcam function. Instant Webcam allows you to automatically take a photo at the moment of printing the card. The photo will be printed and automatically saved to the directory of your choice. No need to manually modify a photo element on the card, or save the file on your hard drive. Allows you to automate a print job of a batch of cards.

Cardream3 Professional

- Adds connection to MS Access databases.

Cardream3 Platinum

- Adds the function of writing/reading Mifare card. Compatible printers: Evolis Pebble 4 and Dualys 3 with Springcard Crazy Writer Internal encoder.

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