Cardream3 V10.12 now available

Newest version of Cardream3

Newest version of Cardream3

Please go to the download section of this website to obtain a demo of the newest version of Cardream3.

Version 10.12 includes the incorporation of the Instant Graphics function. Instant Graphics comes from the Instant photo feature, which has been split in two parts.
 Instant Webcam, which is similar to the Instant Photo feature of version 10.11, allows the user to create a photo object on the card. Cardream3 will ask the user to take the photo using the webcam or a digital camera, only at the moment of printing the card.
 Instant Graphics is a photo object as well. When using this function Cardream3 will ask the user to select a photo from located on your PC at the moment of printing. This is a totally new feature in the industry that adds tremendous speed to printing a series of photo ID cards.

Instant Graphics is available in all versions of Cardream3, including Basic. Instant Webcam is available in Cardream3 Photo Edition and above.

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