Cardream3 versions

Cardream3 Card Printing Software versions

Cardream3 is available in the following versions: Cardream3 Basic, Cardream3 Expert, Cardream3 Photo Edition, Cardream3 Professional, Cardream3 Gold, Cardream3 Platinum

Cardream3 is available in the following versions.

Cardream3 Basic
The Basic version allows the following:
 Create as many card designs as you need.
 Insert any text and photo objects.
 Insert barcodes.
 Take a Webcam photo, save it on your hard drive and import it on to the design.
 Use keyboard typed inputs at the moment of printing.
 Use the Instant Graphics function.
 Encode magnetic stripes (for the moment available with Evolis printers)
 And much more...

Cardream3 Expert
 Adds connection to MS Excel datasheets

Cardream3 Photo Edition
 Adds Instant Webcam function. Instant Webcam allows you to automatically take a photo at the moment of printing the card. The photo will be printed and automatically saved to the directory of your choice. No need to manually modify a photo element on the card, or save the file on your hard drive. Allows you to automate a print job of a batch of cards.

Cardream3 Professional
 Adds connection to MS Access databases.

Cardream3 Gold
 Adds connection to all databases compatible with an ODBC connector.

Cardream3 Platinum
 Adds the function of writing/reading Mifare card. Compatible printers: Evolis Pebble 4 and Dualys 3 with Springcard Crazy Writer Internal encoder.

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